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Papoum, Papoum... It all starts when I'm still little. Before falling asleep, my mother tucks me in and says to me every night: "Good evening, good night, good dreams, my beautiful golden Sophie, darling of love, golden on edge, papoum papoum..."

A few years later, I became a mother myself. I wanted to create a toy for my baby that would be natural, made here and above all made with a kind intention. Thus was born a first doll. Holding in my hands this new little Papoum, who almost looked alive, touched me deeply. I immediately wanted to create a new one, and another. For as far back as I can remember, my dream is to "be an artist". After studying music, and participating in the creation of two artisanal bakeries, Papoum Papoum was created in 2007.

Since 2015, obeying the irresistible desire to push my creativity further, I am happy to express myself also through art and illustration. You will undoubtedly find in my watercolours the same softness and comfort that Papoums know how to give so well.

Papoum Papoum, today it is the sound of a little heart beating, all the love I put in each of my creations, and the wonder that the joyful laughter of a baby brings to life in us.