How to take care of your Papoum?

First of all, make sure you know if your Papoum is filled with wool and love or recycled polyester and love. (Read the label sewn into the Papoum in question.)
Papoums that contain sheep's wool; when your Papoum is only dirty on the surface, wipe it with a wet cloth in cold water and a little mild soap.
For a deep cleaning: give it a full bath in cold soapy water and squeeze it gently, without twisting or pulling it, to reassure it and especially to avoid felting its wool stuffing. If you use Eucalan® soap, rinsing is not necessary. Otherwise, rinse with cold water until the water is clear, without twisting or pulling or stretching. Then spread it on a towel and roll the towel to absorb as much water as possible. Then let the Papoum dry and rest in the open air. As with all fabrics, especially sherpa or 100% cotton, the original softness changes over time with washing.
Papoums are filled with recycled polyester; when your Papoum is only dirty on the surface, wipe it with a wet cloth in cold water and a little mild soap.
For a deep cleaning: put your Papoum in the washing machine with the pyjamas. We recommend putting it in a pillowcase or cloth bag to avoid bad encounters such as a zipper. Dry in the open air or in the dryer at low or medium temperature. Do not use sheets of fabric softener or fabric softener and do not dry at high temperatures, as this will accelerate the aging of Papoum. As with any fabric; especially Sherpa, the original softness will change over time with washing.

Are Papoums safe for my baby?

Papoums are specially designed for very little ones; they do not contain any plastic parts, or small pieces that could come off. They are made of organic and/or certified child-safe materials (no dyes or with safe, non-harmful dyes). They fully meet the safety standards issued by Health Canada for toys. However, it is important to regularly check Papoum's wear and condition over time. In addition, we believe it is important to respect the rules for creating a safe sleeping space. For this reason, it is important to remember that if your baby is less than 6 months old (baby is not yet turning over on his own), you should avoid putting any item in the crib that could present a risk of SIDS. If you are unsure if a particular toy is safe for your baby, we always recommend that you consult your baby's healthcare specialist.

Why and how are Papuans eco-friendly?

Papoums are eco-responsible in the way they are made, the choice of materials and packaging. That's why sustainable development that respects the planet of today and tomorrow is one of their most important values. The entire manufacturing process is carried out in Quebec, using high quality materials, including organic cotton sherpa made locally in Montreal, carded wool from Canadian sheep and polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. The Papoums' packaging is made from recycled and recyclable cardboard. For large orders, we use and reuse cardboard boxes and for smaller orders, we wrap the Papoums with plastic from the packaging of materials received at the workshop. Thus, very little waste is produced, almost everything is used or reused.

How long will it take to ship my order?

We use the services of Canada Post. We offer expedited shipping or Xpresspost. Allow 2 to 4 days for processing and shipping your order. Delivery times vary according to your geographical area. For international shipments, allow 3-4 weeks (no tracking number). We are not responsible for any import or customs fees that may occur during the delivery of your order.