Lapin de coton bio fait main en Outaouais, Québec. Ultra doux. lavable à la main. Sécuritaire pour bébé.

Organic cotton Bunny Rabbit, colored ears

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This brand new all-white rabbit blanket made of 100% organic cotton, handmade in Quebec. It is identical to Papoum Papoum's classic all-organic rabbitou but with grey inside ears. This natural toy can be cuddled safely and chewed without danger! Its sheep's wool pad captures the scents of home or a relative, making it an even more comforting object!

A reassuring gift, and so soft on the cheek, with a touch of a different texture.

This organic blanket also represents a reduction in pollution, support for small ethical and/or local companies, and protection of the health of workers and fauna and flora.

100% organic cotton woven in Montreal
Sheep's wool fur
Hand wash.
43 cm without ears